Rose Retreat 2020

Rose Retreat 2020


Take your nose on a trip next Spring and enjoy a fragrant experience in the Bulgarian Rose Valley during the Rose-picking period, from May 25th to 29th of May, 2020. 


Race with the sun and participate in the centuries-old tradition of rose-picking at dawn. As the sun rises, roses gradually yield their essential oils in the air around so much that by midday they are only half as potent as they were at sunrise.

The rose harvest gives you a chance to learn more about roses, get to know the different oil yielding roses – Rosa Damascena, Rosa Centifolia & Rosa Alba and examine the subtleties in their odor profiles.

Take part in a perfume making workshop and create rose accords lending even more fragrance to this sensory journey.

Visit a rose distillery and see for yourself how rose essential oil and rose water are produced. If you are eager to refine your sense of smell, this experience will take you to the next level.

Check out the local Rose Museum and explore the history & the culture behind the famous Bulgarian Rose. Sourcing natural ingredients has always been an adventure with educational aspects.

Say “Yes” to self-love and mindfulness by joining the yoga practice plunged in rose petals. The Rose Retreat is not a yoga retreat but this recreational favorite of ours brings us a step further on our trip of the senses.

Get naturally high with rose-infused drinks & bites. You will be surprised to know that raw materials like rose water, rose oil and dried roses can be used not only in perfume & cosmetic formulas but also in food & cocktail recipes.

Besides the visit to our enchanting gardens, you will also have the chance to visit the Valley of Thracian Kings and see the ancient Thracian Tombs, the magnificent churches and other places of historical & cultural importance in the area.

To keep the memory of your perfumed experience alive, we have also prepared a fragrant gift for you - our Rosewater Face Toner.

You will be accommodated in a 3-star-hotel, centrally located, close to restaurants, shops and art galleries. Your transfers from Sofia to Kazanlak, the Rose Valley and back are also covered.

Is the Rose Retreat for you?

  • If you love traveling and exploring new cultures

  • If you love flowers and especially roses

  • If you work with fragrance and flavor

  • If you enjoy meeting new people and making new friends

  • If you are a perfumer who wants to know more about roses

  • If you are a chef who is not afraid to experiment with new flavors

  • If you are an artist who looks for inspiration

  • If aromatherapy is your best friend

  • If you are a photographer who loves shooting nature and humanity or ...

  • If you are just curious where Rose Oil and Rose Water come from, how are they produced, what are they for and how you can use them in your daily routines... ⁣

    ....then this Rose Retreat is for you! 🚀👃🌹🎈❤️

What is covered
All of the above plus accommodation in the Rose Valley and transport arrangements from/to Sofia.

What is not covered
Flight tickets, travel insurance, your stay in Sofia and some meals are not included in the Rose Retreat package. All lunches & breakfasts are included. 
Payment method
Online or bank transfer - details can be provided upon request, just contact us at

You can block your spot by sending a non-refundable deposit of EUR 250.

ROSE RETREAT 2020 SUPER-EARLY BLOOMER package: by 31st of November 2019
ROSE RETREAT 2020 EARLY BLOOMER package: by 13th of January 2020
ROSE RETREAT 2020 offer: by 1st of April 2020

If you decide to join us with a friend and occupy the same hotel room, both of you will receive a 10% discount of the total amount. Contact us at to arrange the details.

Claim your spot by 1st of April 2020. 

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