Enjoy a fragrant experience in the Bulgarian Rose Valley from May 20th  to 24th, 2019

Raw materials come from all corners of the world, Osmanthus from China, Vanilla from Madagascar, Patchouli from Indonesia, Oud from Bangladesh, but did you know that 50% of the worldwide Rose Oil supplies come from Bulgaria?

Join our scent expedition and explore what fragrances & flavors Bulgaria has to offer.

The Experience

Race with the sun and participate in the centuries-old tradition of rose-picking at dawn. As the sun rises, roses gradually yield their essential oils in the air around so much that by midday they are only half as potent as they were at sunrise.

The rose harvest gives you a chance to learn more about roses, get to know the different oil yielding roses – Rosa Damascena, Rosa Centifolia & Rosa Alba, examine the subtleties in their odor profiles and later on work with them to comprise a rose accord.


Take part in a perfume making workshop and create rose accords lending even more fragrance to this sensory journey. The guest perfumer for the rose accords is Victoria Frolova - the author of the Bois de Jasmin perfume blog. Victoria is a well-known journalist and a fragrance specialist who had the opportunity to learn the art of perfumery at its heart - at the International Flavors & Fragrances, where she worked before starting her independent career. With the help of Victoria, you will have the chance to study some of the most iconic rose perfumes in their original formulations as well as practice creating your own accords.

Visit a rose distillery and see for yourself how rose essential oil and rose water are produced. If you are eager to refine your sense of smell, this experience will take you to the next level.

Check out the local Rose Museum and explore the history & the culture behind the famous Bulgarian Rose. Sourcing natural ingredients has always been an adventure with educational aspects.

Say “Yes” to self-love and mindfulness by joining the yoga practice plunged in rose petals. The Rose Retreat is not a yoga retreat but this recreational favorite of ours brings us a step further on our trip of the senses.

Get naturally high with rose-infused food and drinks at the special rose-flavored dinner. You will be surprised to know that raw materials like rose water, rose oil and dried roses can be used not only in perfume & cosmetic formulas but also in food & cocktail recipes.

Besides the visit to our enchanting gardens, you will also have the chance to visit the Valley of Thracian Kings and see the ancient Thracian Tombs, the magnificent churches and other places of historical & cultural importance in the area.

To keep the memory of your perfumed experience alive, we have also prepared a fragrant gift for you - our Rosewater Face Toner.

You will be accommodated in a small family hotel, centrally located, close to restaurants, shops and art galleries. Your transfers from Sofia to the Rose Valley and back are also covered.

Discover the smells, tastes and sights of Bulgaria by joining our fragrant adventure in the Rose Valley


Is the Rose Retreat for you? 

If you love traveling and exploring new cultures

If you love flowers and especially roses

If you work with fragrance and flavor

If you enjoy meeting new people and making new friends

If you are a perfumer who wants to know more about roses

If you are a chef who is not afraid to experiment with new flavors

If you are an artist who looks for inspiration

If aromatherapy is your best friend

If you are a photographer who loves shooting nature and humanity or ...

If you are just curious where Rose Oil and Rose Water come from, how are they produced, what are they for and how you can use them in your daily routines...

....then this Rose Retreat is for you! ❤️


What others say


Varvara Kulaeva, Russia

Head of Perfumery Division, Alkor & Co

As a huge rose admirer, I didn't think long when I saw the program of the Rose Retreat. Professionally, I'm making perfumery products and it was interesting for me to go into details of the rose oil production.

So I came to Kazanlak and I didn't regret a second. Amazing Silvia brought her wide cosmopolitan's experience into family business, on one hand giving respect to the traditions and on the other - breathing new life into fields and even into the city's life. I also was in a lovely company of people from different countries and cultures but people who share the same values and interests you have. And it's amazing.

To describe every day of the RR or any activities we had is unnecessary - it's like to tell in details a good film to someone who was going to watch it. better come yourself to see, touch and smell. My only regret is that no gadget has been invented yet, so that i can keep the smell from the fields and distillery . But I use rose water and rose oil, drink rose lemonade and rose tea.



Albertus Setyapranata, Indonesia


Rose Retreat is a truly unique one of a kind experience not only for scent lovers but also anyone who is travelling to Bulgaria. Set in the Rose Valley Kazanlak, Silvia welcomes us to enjoy her family’s beautiful Rose Garden giving us a new found love and respect for the precious Rose Oil and the process that goes behind this.

I personally love how we got to see the process from Rose picking to the refining in the distillery; and the knowledge we learnt from the different species and of course the smells of Roses. Another highlight for me was the Rose Yoga, an interesting take on Yoga elevated with a full sensorial experience surrounded by Rose Petals.

In short it was truly an immersive Rose experience and a true feast for your olfactory senses. The sights, the smells and the experience was amazing, Silvia has managed to package the best of what the Rose Valley has to offer in this retreat!



Kristen Reynolds, USA

Holistic Skin Therapist, Earth Angel Esthetics

"Queen of Flowers", known to some people is a ROSE but to me the "Queen of Flowers" is Silvia of ROSEOVERDOSE and my gracious hostess of the Rose Retreat. What a journey of the senses it was to be part of the 2018 retreat and rose harvest tucked away in the wildly enchanting Valley of Roses.

Anyone who appreciates scent, or rose especially knows how delightful it is to experience just one sniff of the aroma but just imagine experiencing this for 5 days straight. The essence of the flower has been forever infused into my being after engaging every sense from not only just smelling, but also tasting, touching, seeing, and even hearing the sweetness that surrounds this unique and one of a kind experience. I was truly left feeling intoxicated by the rose and the region with an overflowing cup that nourished my heart deeply.



Jhon Lookyan, Switzerland

Private Chef, Cesar Ritz College

As a Chef this was a FANTASTIC experience! Attending the ROSEOVERDOSE’s Retreat has helped me expand my palate & discover a new take in gastronomy which I now apply in my everyday cooking.

Early in the morning while picking roses at dawn, I was often wondering about the infinite beauty of Pachamamá’s (Mother Earth). The Rose Valley is a place where life is simple and yet, inspiring. This fragrant journey is a sensory experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in aromatics & botanicals.

Silvia went far and beyond to make me feel at comfort, safe & constantly learning. Her hospitality was genuine and highly attentive!

Looking forward to repeating this wonderful adventure with friends & family in the nearest future!



Nicole Matta, Mexico

Artist, Galería La Rosa

The Rose Retreat is a delight to the senses and a reviving experience in the Valley of Roses.



Toshy, Netherlands

Artist, Toshy Art

How beautiful and surprising life can be.

I met Silvia at PITTI Fragrance Florence, we talked about fragrances, my art and ROSEOVERDOSE. It was a great talk and I wanted to know more about her company, the rose valley and everything related. She invited me to visit Bulgaria and so I did and joined a group of international perfumers. It became a journey to never forget. Every day was a surprise to me. The rays of light by sunrise over the beautiful rose valleys, the smell of the roses, how the roses are picked to process them. It was intense, interesting and surprising. The program was very diverse. Besides our visit to the distillery I really loved the dinner where the cook used roses, rosewater and rose oil for cooking. I can highlight so many moments that surprised me but most important for me was how this trip took me out of my daily life and gave me inspiration, energy and new connections.

I recommend this trip to everyone else. Something you should do.



Giovanna Aguilar, Guatemala

Perfumer, Université Côte D’Azur

There is no better way to travel in time than fragrance. As a huge admirer of perfumery I do believe experiencing a Rose Harvest is a must-do experience. Roses are not only one of the most used raw materials in perfume making but also a magical and delicate representation of nature. I was blessed to live the Rose Retreat. Every time I remember it, I still think it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Silvia, with no doubt, is to be consider the greatest host. I admire all the knowledge she has about the different type of oil-giving roses and their different odor profiles, the harvesting, the production of the rose oil and the rose water and the traditions involved in these process. Kazanlak, was an interesting place to visit, specially because you feel how locals are so devoted to Roses and their importance. I enjoyed the food, the music, the kindness of people, picking roses, making rose crowns, but I have to admit I still close my eyes and dream about the yoga with roses! It is the best way of feeling love with the tenderness of petals.

I invite all of those who believe in the power of a good scent and want to know more about Rosa Damascena to take part in this wonderful experience - the Rose Retreat.