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In this section I would like to share with you my roseoverdosed collaborations with different people from the creative world. 

Not all collaborations are created equal! Most of them are in a category of their own - friends and family teaming up, business-oriented pairings, and all kinds of strange activities.   




Eat like you love yourself!

Meet Miami-raised, Swiss-based Chef Jhon Lookyan who attended our Rose Retreat last year. The exciting news is that this year he returns as a Guest Chef for our seasonal Rose Dinner. ⁣

Jhon started his culinary adventure in the kitchens of Cesar Ritz College before working at the Ritz in Paris and with José Andrés at the Minibar, Washington. ⁣

Can’t wait to share the kitchen with him and explore together the fragrances & flavours of Bulgaria .




EXCITING NEWS for Rose Retreat’19! I am happy to announce that we have a special guest perfumer for the Rose Accords Workshop this year – Victoria Frolova, the author of the Bois de Jasmin perfume blog. Victoria is a well-known journalist and a fragrance specialist who had the opportunity to learn the art of perfumery at its heart – at the International Flavors & Fragrances, where she worked before she started her independent career.⁣

The Rose Accords Workshop is a chance to explore, smell and work with several perfume materials that comprise a rose accord. The participants get to know the three different oil-yielding roses – Rosa Damascena, Rosa Centifolia & Rosa Alba and examine the subtleties in their odor profiles.⁣

Victoria will present some of the most iconic rose perfumes in their original formulations and the participants will practice creating their own accords 🧪🧫⁣

Learning perfumery is a lifelong pursuit, but together with Victoria and me, anyone can become an expert on roses and learn a variety of professional techniques ⚗️🌹 ⁣

For more details on the perfume making workshops available in the months to come, check out our Scent Club page and our Shop.


yearly limited editions


Yearly Limited Editions illustrated by a Bulgarian Artist

The Rose-picking season happens only once per year, for 3 consecutive weeks in the month of May. The chemical profile of the rose oil yielded by the blossoms differs slightly each year, due to the different temperatures, rainfalls, humidity, and windiness.  Similar to the way grapes produce wine with slightly different characteristics every year. That is why our products have fresh seasonal releases and will be presented to you in a series of yearly limited editions, each illustrated by a Bulgarian artist. A simple reminder that all is limited by Earth’s resources and Time itself.


The 2018 Artistic Collaboration

This year, for the first time, our products are available to order online and in honor of my family and their thorny garden life for the first artistic collaboration I decided to invite my sister Ilona Yonkova, who just graduated from the Bulgarian Academy of Arts. 2018 's limited edition is illustrated by her. The fine illustrations evoke an immediate association with the way rosewater infuses our daily beauty and flavor rituals. Her illustrations will enliven our products and social media platfomrs during the entire 2018.


The illustrations are dedicated to the most frequently asked question:

“How to use rose water?"



Ilona draws inspiration from our daily grooming routines and the little experimental moments we have with our food and drinks. 


2018 LIMITED EDITION © Illustrated by Ilona Yonkova.

The collection contains Rose Water Face Mist, Rose Essential Oil, Rose Flavour Drops,
T-shirt “Rose Addicts”.